Sunday, 21 January 2018

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Oasis Dinner Menu

Please note that this regular dinner menu will not be available on Thanksgiving Night, Christmas Eve or New Years Eve. See our Holiday menu 


Kauai Shrimp

Pork wontons, spicy ginger soy 10

Fresh catch tartare bruschetta, garlic chives, onion, Hawaiian sea salt, avocado mousse puree 12.6

Fresh catch crudo, hard-boiled egg, radish, salsa verde foam & truffle vinaigrette 12

Crispy calamari, breaded, fried & tossed in a Hawaiian chili pepper honey glaze 12.5

Local head-on shrimp etouffee, blackened cream sauce, white rice, garlic chives 12.6

Organic West Coast Clams, portuguese  sausage, cilantro, garlic, shallots, achiote oil, white wine & crostini 13.7

Crispy Okinawan sweet potato chips, smoked poblano cheese 8

Soup of the day 8

Beets 5 Ways, pickled, roasted, chips, tarragon purée, foam,  almond cheddar  12.6

Arugula Salad, requeson, roasted garlic, papaya lime purée Okinawa sweet potato gel, sherry orange vinaigrette 14

                                                                                                                             Grilled kale, whipped brie, brioche crouton, pickled shallots, roasted shallot vinaigrette 12.9

                                                                                                                            Caprese style tomatoes, basil pistou, balsamic reduction & house-made ricotta 14.8

                                                                                                                            Warm Bean Salad, steamed local beans tossed in a grilled orange vinaigrette with charred onions,                                                                                                                                                 roasted peppers, chevre, bacon & radish  12

                                                                                                                      Oasis mixed greens salad, pickled carrots, tomatoes, seasonal cheese, kombucha chia vinaigrette 10

Main (available in half/full portions)

Best Kauai Ahi

Farmer’s market curry, yellow Thai curry with farm fresh local veggies 16/28 add local catch 7/13

Quinoa saute, sprouts, farmer's market veggies16/28     add local catch  7/13

Seared catch, Okinawa sweet potato purée, bok choi, roselle-tarragon vinaigrette 18/34.9

Grilled catch, kabocha pumpkin mash, wing beans with chermoula sauce, sherry reduction 18/34.9

Niihau Lamb Deconstructed Rice Paper Agnoletti, raw marinara,  house made ricotta, shaved veggies, herb oil  17/32.8

Braised boneless short rib, bacon- truffle fried rice, scallion oil, and garnished with pickled squash 17/31.8

Sakura  pork chop, fried saimin noodles, nahm prihk nom, long beans, marugai, pako ferns, chili oil 17/32.8

Hanalei Jerk Ragout, Hanalei ground buffalo, achiote scented rice, soy bean & cassava bammy & Ital salad 17/32.8

Makweli Ranch grass-fed burger, crispy tobacco onions, bacon jam, Rick’s mustard, arugula, seasonal cheese Served with fries 16.9

 Chef's Choice Cut Makaweli Ranch grass-fed Beef, creamy Red Bliss potato, steamed spinach, cognac soy, Market Price                   



Kauai Purple PotatoesFrench fries 7

Green beans 7

Creamy Red Bliss potato 7

Bok choi 7

Okinawa potato purée 7

Farmer’s Market veggies 7

Kabocha pumpkin mash 7

Bacon & truffle fried rice 7

Additional Bread serving 2



Best Kapaa DessertApple banana spring roll, cinnamon sugar, caramel, seasonal gelato 9.5

Dark chocolate, Kauai coffee and Kahlua terrine with an absinthe & almond biscotti 9.5

Daily seasonal selections of gelato & sorbetto 8

Phyllo Cup, citrus curd, Russian crème, seasonal jam 9.5


We do not offer split checks on parties of 6 or more

*Prices subject to change.

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